Suspension Program

Unfortunately, sometimes students undergo out-of-school suspension, of which they may spend this time at home by themselves engaged in unhealthy activity and not completing assignments. In place of this, HHC invites parents to enroll their children into our program during this time. We work with parents and school officials to ensure children meet expectations, and also provide accredited consoling to help them overcome improper behavior and other obstacles.


We teach program participants to respect themselves and others, and the value of respect. We believe, that having proper respect will equip youth to better deal with the issue they face, thus resulting in willfully modifying their behavior.


Learning and acting out responsibilities is sometimes a great challenge for youth. We help participants to see the value of their education and future, instilling in them a healthy mindset and desire. Students learn that they must be responsible to achieve academic and personal success.


We partner with schools to make sure students whom are undergoing out-of-school-suspension receive assignments. We help them to complete their school work so that they won’t be behind in their assignments.


At the end of their suspension, students undergo a process of reflection to see how they can better behave and prevent out-of-school-suspension. Upon their return to school, participants will be better equipped to handle issues, having a healthy mindset & responsibility towards their education and future.

Please call, visit, or email us if you know of someone who could benefit from our program.

We accept elementary, middle school, and high school students. Students must be 8 years of age to participate.

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