Vision and Mission

Vision and Mission


Children and families will live a healthy life style that will promote optimal life functioning in harmony with social, emotional, physical and financial well-being.


To create a service milieu that uses a healthy choice platform to redirect, heal, educate and empower children and families, demonstrated through healthy eating, positive social interaction, mastery of age appropriate life skills, and community accountability.

Core Values

We value one’s right to make CHOICES and we assume the role of creating a collaborative environment which promotes health and well-being, through using the support of open-minded service providers. Hence, we champion change in participants we serve and create inroads to greatness, by way of the expansion of one’s imagination and access. We see engagement as an opportunity to teach and learn; as a bridge to building and healing relationships. Howard’s Healthy Choices, Inc., capitalizes on opportunities to promote self-disciplined so that those we serve can become self-sufficient.

  • We create a collaborative environment which honors and elicits the creative gifts of those we serve and enter into partnerships supportive of change.
  • We promote health and wellness through education, nutrition, experiential learning, physical fitness, mediation, and self-awareness.
  • We approach our participants with an open-mind, allowing their past to inform the work but not to define the outcomes.
  • We are invested in the expansion of one’s imagination through opening doors of opportunities not yet conceptualized by those we serve.
  • We champion change and challenge those we serve to strive for their personal greatness.
  • We foster positive engagement with participants to generate and enhance opportunities for re-engagement in healthy and healing relationships with their family and community.
  • We assist participants in developing the skills necessary to become self-discipline and self-suuficient.

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