Young Authors

Young Author's Project

Program Implementation:

  • HHC will serve 30 participants in cohorts of 10. They will be broken down into three groups as follows:
    • Group 1: 8-10 years;
    • Group 2: 11-12 years;
    • Group 3: 13-14 years

In this group, students will research careers and trades online and journal about the ones of interest to them. This will ignite participants' knowledge of trades and careers. This section will be culminated by a Spring Careers & Trades one-day fair. Lastly, participants will prepare for the Saturday Author's Writing Workshop, by attending a one hour a week copy editing and polishing group. In this group, the educational team will assist students in making the correction to their written pieces, such as grammar, sentence structure, and the like.

This will aid students in improving their writing skills. The Saturday group will involve the actual writing of their book. Students will learn about the writing, illustration, and online publishing of their books. This will also include weekly special representations or instructional work like coding, that will be introduced to students so they can design the graphics for their books.

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