Established in 2011, Howard's Healthy Choices is a steadfast presence in Mercer County, providing vital social services and innovative programs. Our holistic approach encompasses education, well-being, and community engagement. We believe in the power of collaboration, mentorship, and diverse opportunities to create positive change within individuals and the community.

Our drop-in services extend a helping hand to the broader community, catering to the diverse needs of an additional 70 or more individuals on average. Collaborating with various programs, we host grief and bereavement groups, a girls' empowerment initiative, a young boys' mentoring program, a physical exercise and nutrition group, and a young adults' preparation for construction training program. Through these vital partnerships, our site becomes a hub for service delivery, reaching an additional 100 residents of the City of Trenton.

At the core of HHC's is the Mentoring Program. This transformative initiative pairs dedicated mentors with youth participants, providing invaluable guidance and support. Our mentors play a pivotal role in shaping the futures of these young individuals, helping them navigate challenges and build a foundation for success.

In addition to these impactful endeavors, HHC orchestrates six or more community events each year. These gatherings serve as catalysts for the growth of families and the overall enhancement of our communities, elevating our outreach to an additional 300-500 individuals. Our collaboration with public schools has yielded tangible results, with reported improvements in the academic performance of students served by HHC, as attested by parents, students, and teachers, and documented in school report cards.