Empowering Through Education: The Next Chapter - HHC's Educational Hub:

Looking ahead, HHC is embarking on a new chapter with the establishment of an Educational Hub. This hub will serve as a central resource for academic support, vocational training, and community engagement. It symbolizes our commitment to creating a sustainable and accessible platform for learning and growth. The hub will become a nexus where individuals of all ages can access the tools and guidance needed for continuous education and skill development.


Howard's Healthy Choices Learn to Earn initiative, is dedicated to guiding and empowering youth towards a future of resilience, education, and self-discovery. Committed mentors within this program aim to provide holistic support, fostering personal growth, academic excellence, and the development of essential life skills. Through collaborative efforts, we aspire to create a nurturing environment where mentorship becomes a catalyst for positive transformation, shaping the next generation into confident, capable, and community-oriented individuals.

A NU Beginnings Mentor


Level Up Program:

The Level Up Program at HHC is not just an after-school service; it's a transformative experience. We go beyond homework help, offering computer/internet access, snacks, and more. Emphasizing healthy eating and activity, this program instills valuable life skills. Our Summer Learning Academy, an 9-week comprehensive program, introduces youth to life-changing activities, including weekly trips and hands-on learning experiences in skills such as sewing, table etiquette, conflict resolution, golf, basketball, chess, hydroponics, aquaponics, and more.

Options Program:

Operating Monday through Friday in alignment with the school calendar, the Options Program aims to increase positive re-engagement in the school environment during "unplanned out-of-school time." Recognizing that students can fall behind academically during such periods, we work to make the return to school smoother for both students and teachers. Additionally, our engagement assists in decreasing the escalation of criminal behavior during these unplanned out-of-school times.

Summer Learning Academy

Discover the Ultimate Summer Adventure: 

Summer Learning Academy Calling all parents and guardians! HHC proudly presents the best Summer Camp for youth – a fusion of education, healthy eating, fun, technology, and more. Our comprehensive 9-week program is a gateway to life-changing experiences, from weekly trips to skill-building sessions in sewing, table etiquette, conflict resolution, golf, basketball, chess, hydroponics, aquaponics, and beyond. Don't miss the chance to secure a spot for your child in this transformative journey. Sign up today, and let this summer be filled with growth, laughter, and learning!





Young Author's

Young Author's Program Implementation:

  • HHC will serve 30 participants in cohorts of 10. They will be broken down into three groups as follows:
    • Group 1: 8-10 years;
    • Group 2: 11-12 years;
    • Group 3: 13-14 years

In this group, students will research careers and trades online and journal about the ones of interest to them. This will ignite participants' knowledge of trades and careers. This section will be culminated by a Spring Careers & Trades one-day fair. Lastly, participants will prepare for the Saturday Author's Writing Workshop, by attending a one hour a week copy editing and polishing group. In this group, the educational team will assist students in making the correction to their written pieces, such as grammar, sentence structure, and the like.
This will aid students in improving their writing skills. The Saturday group will involve the actual writing of their book. Students will learn about the writing, illustration, and online publishing of their books. This will also include weekly special representations or instructional work like coding, that will be introduced to students so they can design the graphics for their books.



L3RN 2 EARN Program Our alternative program supports youth facing challenges in the traditional school setting. Offering options in various trade courses, this program serves as a disciplined path, whether for college-bound learners or those pursuing vocational routes. All programs are run in conjunction with Metrix Learning, combining Skillup badges and Metrix learning courses. Students receive certificates upon completion of each module approved by NJDOL, enhancing their skills and employability.